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The End of a Semester Part II

Welcome back to the last post of Gabe's Blog. Initially when I started this semester and learned I would have to write a blog for my CORE II art class at TXST, I was ecstatic. I've always wondered if I should start a blog and if this type of documentation would be something I'm actually good at. While I love writing, I have to say, keeping this up is not easy. I have decided that after this post, I will discontinue this academic blog. Later on in the future, if I have time to start a new blog and actually keep it up to date and have a following base substantial enough for this to be successful, I might consider reviving it or rebooting it. With that little bittersweet announcement out of the way, let's get to it!

For this final entry I will be reflecting on what I learned from my CORE II art class.

CORE II: How it helped me learn new, interesting things and grow as an artist.

TXSTATE has quite a few classes that all art majors must take (Studio Art Majors, that is). CORE I and II are a two-part introduction to Studio Art. In these classes students learn a combination of things including drawing, combine-making (a type of sculpture), limited photography and video, performance art, design, and so much more. CORE I focuses on introduction to each of these, while CORE II focuses on building a database, research, and the importance of archives and documentation. Hence the blog assignment.

Throughout this class, I've gotten to learn about color theory, female photographers, bananas in art, vernacular typography, and even zines! I took so many pictures, made so many bad (and sometimes good) drawings, and connected with my peers in an unforgettable way. If you've been following along with my blog, you've seen the little insights into my CORE II modules every so often, these glimpses are just a part of what this class has been able to do this semester. I have been inspired by both my instructor and peers to create work, question the world, document my life, and just be chaotic sometimes with my art. It has been a wild ride, but it's been fun. Enjoy these pictures of the little zine I printed on our Risograph! Goodbye Gabe's Blog, it's been real.

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