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Vernacular Type

Since we're finished with our little series on Color Theory, we are now moving on to a new module in my CORE II art class called Vernacular Type, which I am pretty excited to document. It's all about designing and being creative with things we see around us in the world.

I made my particular design from elements that surround me daily at the Sabinal Photo Lab at Texas State University. I took so many pictures of street signs and parking signs outside, labels within the building, classroom names and signs. Everything I could think of that I saw had vernacular lettering on it.

I ended up creating two posters and printed one on this super cool Risograph we have in our Art Building.

These were the initial designs I came up with prior to printing, I didn't keep a digital record of the printed poster, but maybe you can ask me how it turned out if you see me in person!

This is a pretty short blog entry,

but I just wanted to talk about this fun little thing for a bit.

See ya next time!

-Gabe <3

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