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Welcome to Gabe's Blog!

Welcome to the official Blog for Gabe Takes Photos. This blog has been initiated as a Daily Life Record about being an art student for Core II

Who am I?

With our little synopsis out of the way, let me introduce myself! I'm Gabe, a Junior Photography Major at Texas State University. As a photographer, I am constantly observing the world around me. As a student I am constantly stressed, yet happy learning from all my mentors about how I can develop myself creatively as an artist.

What Is This Blog Even About?

Well, this blog is going to be a weekly documentation/summary of what it's like to be an art major at Texas State. Not only will I be giving an inside look at my experiences, but I will be sharing my own progress as an artist and expressing my reflections on my personal and academic growths. Each week will contain a different documentation of different classes (or maybe a single class depending on how the week has gone). Every Sunday there will be a new little Episode of Gabe's Blog, at least for this Spring 2022 semester. Now that I've successfully welcomed you, let's get right into it!

So, What Does it Really Mean to Be an Artist? Do You Consider Yourself an Artist? You're Still Just a Student, Right?

I am an artist. That's a powerful statement to say. Sometimes artists are underestimated in society, especially students. The constant insecurity I always face is "Am I still just a student?" At what point do I stop being a student and just see myself as an artist?

My answer to this is: Never! I believe I will always be a student, however that doesn't mean I do not view myself as an artist. The world is in constant change, there will always be new things to learn. Art documents the evolution of society, how the world is perceived an how different perspectives can enrich each person's knowledge. Technology and art is in constant change to capture this evolution. New movements have emerged throughout history to bring us to the point we are at today and so many more will likely follow in the future. So, what does it mean to be an artist? Put simply, it means you view the world through your own specific lens and express it creatively into a physical manifestation of possibilities to be interpreted by your audience.

Thanks for Supporting Me, I'll See Ya Next Sunday!

Thanks for reading this first post where I've discussed a little bit of my experience as an artist and defined how I view being one. Next time, I'll have a little more material on what I'm currently working on! I hope you'll stop by again to take a peek into the life of an art student.

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